Neon Lights

Our range of neon lights have been designed for maximum ‘wow factor’.

Designs include "LOVE", "YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY ALWAYS", "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE", "'TIL DEATH" and a heart.

Our "LOVE" neon light is a light-box style design and stands at a little over half a metre tall and one metre wide. It has been finished to the exact standards as our marquee letter lights and is handmade and truly special.

"YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY ALWAYS", "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" and our HEART are designed to be hung against a backdrop, making them the perfect feature for behind a bridal table or open photo booth. Both signs are finished on clear acrylic, so will need some "dressing up", perfect for greenery or florals. "YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY ALWAYS"  is approx. 1.2m x 700mm, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" is approx. 1.5m x 750mm and the heart is approx. 900 x 900mm

"'TIL DEATH" was designed not for the faint hearted, featuring bright red neon on a brick background, a true statement piece.